About the blog.

This blog was created on June of 2010 but i had to leave it after a few months, now i decided to retake it and continue publishing.

The topics of this blog are mainly related with computer science, but besides that there are also some about the enterprises, the logic, the market and the psychology that  is  behind them.

About me.

I am a 24 year old Spanish student who is currently following an Erasmus program (International Exchange Program) in Krakow, Poland.

I am born and raised in Vigo, Spain. Vigo is an important city in Galicia, a Spanish region. My mother tongue is Spanish and I speak English fluently.

My personality can be defined as a friendly, comprehensive, patient and cheerful person.

In Spain I did my high school, I finished my bachelor program in Computer Sciences (at the Universidad de Vigo (UVIGO)) and I did a 2 year superior technical course of DAI (Development of Informatics Applications). I am currently studying at Politechnika Krakowska to finish my last year of Informatics Engineering.

I created some websites  from scratch with the use of a text editor, for example this one for a driving school, “Celeris Escuela de Conduccion”  or “Roi Private Tutoring”  for my own purpose: but I also used some scripts to get blogs already formed like “La Caverna del Estudiante”.

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