Hello again! There was a long time since i didnt post, sorry but here comes the latest tutorial!

This tutorial contains 3 parts:

  • Create and configure your domain and DNS
  • Creating Virtual hosts with Apache2
  • And creating your websites

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einstein quote

I am currently developing an Android application that will display a quote everyday. I need alot of quotes, so i have been searching for a database of Famous or Historical quotes for quite a while when i just decided to create my own, here i will explain how you can make your own Database File of Quotes using Linux, Bash Script combined with WGET and sed.

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android profThis tutorial will explain how to install a custom ROM  in a device, HTC Desire, when it’s brand new.

It is focused on HTC Desire, installing Cyanogen Mod 7, but can be used in a similar way to install other ROMs and on another devices.

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Creating a Web server is a very useful thing, most developers have their own local server when developing. You can also use this server as a personal Web server in your own home. This tutorial created under Ubuntu 12.10, but probably works on other Linux distributions.

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What is Asterisk?

Asterisk is a complete PBX in software. Works on VoIP protocols, and doesn’t need any external hardware to work. More information on their Web.

What we will do?

We will only configure the server to on the network via IP protocol. You can use with a simple configuration in your intranet or you can buy a subscriber telephone line through one company and get your external number, and use the server to make international calls. More info.
There are many options to install and configure Asterisk on your computer, like downloading ISO with pre-configured software(AsteriskNOW), download versions of the software with some modifications, etc. But we will create our own server from 0 using the Asterisk from Ubuntu repositories installing in Ubuntu 12.10.

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There are 2 ways to install or update NVIDIA drives, automatically, that not always work, and manually.

Automatic Method

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Have you recently made your webpage or a blog? Do you want to appear in Google quickly?

googlebotNormally when you create a webpage or blog, you want to make it visible so everyone can find it. Typically Google bot will find you and index you by his own, but you can get indexed faster just doing some tricks. Read the rest of this entry »

A Change of Seasons.

Posted: 21 December, 2012 in Facts
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I am retaking this Blog to continue it from where i left it, but now it will be in English, i think it will be more International and will get to more people, so will be more useful 🙂
Thanks all followers, and hope you don’t mind about this change.


Estoy retomando este blog desde donde lo deje, pero ahora será integramente en Ingles, creo que sera mas internacional y llegará a mas gente, por lo que será mas util. 🙂

Gracias a todos los seguidores, y espero que no os afecte mucho este cambio.

Un saludo, Roi.

Pues eso , este programa, WinToFlash, permite pasar el instalador de windows (tanto desde imagen como desde dvd) a una memoria flash usb, creando el sector de arranque para que podamos arrancar e instalar windows desde el usb.


Se me olvidaba, y su version correspondiente para instalar linux en USB:

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